5 Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas That Lasts From Thanksgiving to Christmas

Sometimes, we want to have certain areas of the home for our full on decorating. And yet, it’s nice to have the whole house feeling like it has on its best for the holidays. But who has time to continually be redecorating?

Would you like some tips for simplifying your home decorating during the holidays? Then read on!

Decorate with Green, Gold, Raspberry, White and Silver

Not all at once, obviously, but you can create festive accents around your home.

  • Dress up inexpensive ornaments with craft paint and glitter.
  • Decorate a mantel or a table centerpiece with ornaments, glassware, and other decorations that are in colors that highlight rather then take over.
  • Add green accents like ivy or pine garlands strategically around your furniture.


Mix Apples and Pinecones

Craft a warm and friendly display with apples and pinecones.

Use Tea Lights

Tea lights add warmth and can be used on tables or mantlepieces. You can use a variety of glassware or candle holders to provide the look. And don’t forget to look into battery operated tea lights. That way you don’t have to worry about leaving a candle burning when you go into another room.

Decorate your windows with a winter scene

Get strands of Christmas tree lights in white and blue and string them around the top of the window. Then cut some heavy paper and tape them up to look like snow covered trees.


Find Cheery Wreaths

It doesn’t have to be all Thanksgiving or all Christmas. You can find something that’s a blend or neutral and use that to spruce up doors and windows.

Holiday Wreath


9 Best Disney Christmas Decorations This Season

Disney speaks to me of fun and celebration these days, don’t you think? I know they have a lot of Christmas decorations and wanted to find ones that are recent and current. Most of these items are all new this season and haven’t gotten reviews yet. They are being sold by reputable sellers who guarantee their products. I think they’re the best of the bunch this season because they’re fun and new and not many people will have gotten them yet.

Star Wars

So many people are looking forward to the Star Wars reboot. If you’re one of them, it’s time to bring some of the Force in to your home this holiday season.

Darth Vadar Tree Skirt

9 Best Disney Christmas Decorations This Season
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Merry Sithmas! Do you like some Dark Side with your holidays? This tree skirt is 48″ and uses applique for the design rather then a silk screen. It’s made of polyester which is easier to clean if water gets spilled or a pet has an accident under the tree. It’s fully lined so it’s a more substantial tree skirt.

Santa Yoda Doll

9 Best Disney Christmas Decorations This Season
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Have Santa Yoda by your front doot to greet all of your visitors with a warm welcome! The plush doll stands 20″ tall and would look cute on a bench or a hall table. You could even match him up with our next item.

Darth Vadar Santa Doll

9 Best Disney Christmas Decorations This Season
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How can you resist the bad guy? He’s so adorable. He also stands 20″ tall and could be matched with Santa Yoda. Place a jar of candy canes next to him and he’ll be the hit of the household.

For the Princess Lovers

Princess Hat and Stocking

9 Best Disney Christmas Decorations This Season
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What little girl wouldn’t love hanging this stocking with care while wearing the cute hat? Both are made out of felt and the stocking has the design patch sewn onto it. The hat has the design airbrushed on. The hat is 16″ tall and the stocking is 18″ in length.

Anna Snow Globe

9 Best Disney Christmas Decorations This Season
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If your princess is a Frozen fan, she’ll love playing with this resin snow globe with glittery snow. It’s 5″ high x 4″ diameter. 

Fillable Princess Ornaments

9 Best Disney Christmas Decorations This Season
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Help the little ones count down the days until Christmas. Place little candies or prizes in each and let them open one each day, advent calendar style.

Fun Disney Decorations

Disney Tabletop Christmas Tree: The Wonderful World Of Disney

9 Best Disney Christmas Decorations This Season
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Breathtaking tabletop Disney Christmas tree decor captures 10 unique holiday scenes, starring over 50 sculpted, hand-painted Disney character figures from your favorite movies and more The characters include: Mickey and Minnie, Donald Duck, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bambi, Pinocchio and many more. The four levels do rotate bringing the intricately detailed figures to life.

Magnetic Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker

9 Best Disney Christmas Decorations This Season
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Decorate your holiday table with this adorable Mickie and Minnie kissing under the mistletoe salt and pepper shaker. And when someone says to pass the salt, you could steal a kiss under the mistletoe.

Santa Mickey Mouse and Friends Holiday Figurine

9 Best Disney Christmas Decorations This Season
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This resin cast table decoration stands by itself. It’s colorful and cheerful and will bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees it. Its dimensions are 6 3/4” H x 5” W x 6” D.

The 5 Christmas Inflatables You’ll Want to Buy This Year

The 5 Christmas InflatablesDecorate Outdoors with Christmas Inflatables

If you live in a moderate climate, it can be great fun to decorate outdoors with christmas inflatables
characters and scenes. They bring smiles to faces of all ages.

Most inflatables can be set up with ease and connected to the same power that you use to hook up your external lights.

These inflatables rate highly in reviews on Amazon and are relatively new.

The 5 Christmas Inflatables You’ll Want to Buy This YearMore Info

This is an airblown inflatable of a 5′ Spiderman that can be attached to the side of the house. Kids will love seeing Spidey sneaking up to their chimney. It’s durable and made of 60% fabric, 20% metal and 20% plastic. He has hooks on his hands that you can use to attach him to nails or Christmas light strands. Others used his clips to hang him on to the gutters. You may want to get a special attachment for an air pump to inflate him since he stands alone and doesn’t have a fan attached.

The 5 Christmas Inflatables You’ll Want to Buy This YearMore Info

Minions are everywhere this season! You can get Stuart, Kevin, or Carl to welcome Santa to your home. They’re both pre-lit and will shine at night. They come with their own internal fan, and all you need to do is plug them in and tie them down securely.

They’re made of sturdy plastic that inflates quickly and also collapses down for easy storage. And they all stand about 42″ tall.

The 5 Christmas Inflatables You’ll Want to Buy This YearMore Info

If you still sing Let It Be, you need an Olaf in your front yard. I chose this one over the others because it was reasonably priced, 5′ tall, and had a lot of reviews. Everyone loved how quickly it inflates. It has a fan and needs to be hooked up to an electrical outlet. The other great thing about this inflatable is that it’s an LED light inside, so it will last longer, use less electricity, and not produce much heat.

The 5 Christmas Inflatables You’ll Want to Buy This YearMore Info

Are you as excited about the reboot of Star Wars? If so, you need this for your yard. Not only does Darth stand 6′ tall, but it plays the Imperial March. The death star is lit by LED and will use less electricity and last longer. It comes with yard stakes and tether ropes to hold it down.

This inflatable has its own fan and will need to be hooked up to an electrical outlet.  It collapses down quite small for easy storage. You can purchase additional Star Wars inflatables if you want to set up a whole scene.

The 5 Christmas Inflatables You’ll Want to Buy This YearMore Info

This inflatable is new this year and no reviews yet. I thought it was so adorable with the real feel of Christmas with presents and a smiling Santa.  It’s self-inflating and stands 6′ tall which is manageable when the winds start blowing. The package comes with ground stakes and tethers to secure it well in your yard.

How do you store your inflatables during the rest of the year?

5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up a Staircase

The 5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up A StaircaseLove the Look of a Lighted Garland Winding Up Your Stairs?

Have you been looking for a lighted christmas garlandlong enough to wind up your staircase. In this post, I’m going to review five of the best ones that Amazon provides.

I determined the best garlands were long enough or had connectors to extend the garland. I also looked for ones that had positive reviews. I also looked for ones that were easy to maintain and could be used for years. Is there anything more frustrating then finding out the bulbs aren’t replaceable?

So these five garlands should give you some options this Christmas winding up your bannister and providing holiday cheer this year and for future Christmases to come.

5 Best Garlands to Wind Up Your Staircase
More Info

This garland looks like Norwood Fir and has 50 clear pre-strung lights, and is 9′ in length. There are female plugs at the one end, so you can connect multiple strands together. It uses traditional Christmas lightbulbs, not LED lights, so you should find it easy to replace them.
Some purchasers used this garland outdoors, and the seller mentioned in a question/answer that it would be fine outdoors provided there wasn’t a lot of rain or snow. The lights are on full time and do not blink. 92% of the reviewers gave this product a 3 star or better rating. The one negative review felt what he received didn’t match the image; however, a majority of the five star reviews felt that it did. I suspect it’s similar to fake Christmas trees where you have to fluff it out.

5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up a StaircaseMore Info

This lighted garland is 10′ long and battery operated. It’s perfect for placing where you don’t have an easy electrical outlet. And you can easily put one after the other since you don’t have to worry about connecting them. Just hide the wiring underneath the next garland. This product can also be purchased with silver bows or white bows depending upon your preference.

You will have to spend some time fluffing out the garland and shaping the bows since everything gets a bit smushed in packaging and shipping.

5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up a StaircaseMore Info

This garland is 9′ long and also utilizes the standard PVC branches that will need to be fluffed and shaped. There are 100 Christmas lights that use the standard lightbulb (not LED). You could also opt for a 12′ garland with 150 lightbulbs. It does not have the ability to connect to another garland, so you would be limited to the size that you purchase. Reviewers felt that it was pretty thick and very natural looking.

5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up a StaircaseMore Info

If you love red and gold ornaments, berries, pine cones, golden leaves and warm LED lights, then this is your garland. It’s only 6′ so you may need more than one depending upon how tightly you wrap. It is battery operated. Some of the early reviews were negative, but the ones in the last 18 months are positive about how beautiful this garland is.

I thought it was quite stunning and did have a variety of Christmas-y items that make it feel like the outdoors have come in. I prefer LED because it uses less energy, and the AA batteries are always plentiful in my household. There is glitter which always does fall off a little bit, but I think it’s worth it to have something look so festive. Plus you can purchase the matching wreath.

5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up a StaircaseMore Info

My final garland is another LED that can go inside or out if you have railings and steps that you want to decorate outside. You can purchase this with clear lights or colored. You can connect multiple garlands to have 100′ of lighted garland. I think that would take care of even Tara for Scarlett O’Hara.

The greens are the usual fake needles that will need to be fluffed. The girth of the wreath is quite large, and you could hang additional items to add in more color.

Which is your favorite?