5 Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas That Lasts From Thanksgiving to Christmas

Sometimes, we want to have certain areas of the home for our full on decorating. And yet, it’s nice to have the whole house feeling like it has on its best for the holidays. But who has time to continually be redecorating?

Would you like some tips for simplifying your home decorating during the holidays? Then read on!

Decorate with Green, Gold, Raspberry, White and Silver

Not all at once, obviously, but you can create festive accents around your home.

  • Dress up inexpensive ornaments with craft paint and glitter.
  • Decorate a mantel or a table centerpiece with ornaments, glassware, and other decorations that are in colors that highlight rather then take over.
  • Add green accents like ivy or pine garlands strategically around your furniture.


Mix Apples and Pinecones

Craft a warm and friendly display with apples and pinecones.

Use Tea Lights

Tea lights add warmth and can be used on tables or mantlepieces. You can use a variety of glassware or candle holders to provide the look. And don’t forget to look into battery operated tea lights. That way you don’t have to worry about leaving a candle burning when you go into another room.

Decorate your windows with a winter scene

Get strands of Christmas tree lights in white and blue and string them around the top of the window. Then cut some heavy paper and tape them up to look like snow covered trees.


Find Cheery Wreaths

It doesn’t have to be all Thanksgiving or all Christmas. You can find something that’s a blend or neutral and use that to spruce up doors and windows.

Holiday Wreath


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