5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up a Staircase

The 5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up A StaircaseLove the Look of a Lighted Garland Winding Up Your Stairs?

Have you been looking for a lighted christmas garlandlong enough to wind up your staircase. In this post, I’m going to review five of the best ones that Amazon provides.

I determined the best garlands were long enough or had connectors to extend the garland. I also looked for ones that had positive reviews. I also looked for ones that were easy to maintain and could be used for years. Is there anything more frustrating then finding out the bulbs aren’t replaceable?

So these five garlands should give you some options this Christmas winding up your bannister and providing holiday cheer this year and for future Christmases to come.

5 Best Garlands to Wind Up Your Staircase
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This garland looks like Norwood Fir and has 50 clear pre-strung lights, and is 9′ in length. There are female plugs at the one end, so you can connect multiple strands together. It uses traditional Christmas lightbulbs, not LED lights, so you should find it easy to replace them.
Some purchasers used this garland outdoors, and the seller mentioned in a question/answer that it would be fine outdoors provided there wasn’t a lot of rain or snow. The lights are on full time and do not blink. 92% of the reviewers gave this product a 3 star or better rating. The one negative review felt what he received didn’t match the image; however, a majority of the five star reviews felt that it did. I suspect it’s similar to fake Christmas trees where you have to fluff it out.

5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up a StaircaseMore Info

This lighted garland is 10′ long and battery operated. It’s perfect for placing where you don’t have an easy electrical outlet. And you can easily put one after the other since you don’t have to worry about connecting them. Just hide the wiring underneath the next garland. This product can also be purchased with silver bows or white bows depending upon your preference.

You will have to spend some time fluffing out the garland and shaping the bows since everything gets a bit smushed in packaging and shipping.

5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up a StaircaseMore Info

This garland is 9′ long and also utilizes the standard PVC branches that will need to be fluffed and shaped. There are 100 Christmas lights that use the standard lightbulb (not LED). You could also opt for a 12′ garland with 150 lightbulbs. It does not have the ability to connect to another garland, so you would be limited to the size that you purchase. Reviewers felt that it was pretty thick and very natural looking.

5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up a StaircaseMore Info

If you love red and gold ornaments, berries, pine cones, golden leaves and warm LED lights, then this is your garland. It’s only 6′ so you may need more than one depending upon how tightly you wrap. It is battery operated. Some of the early reviews were negative, but the ones in the last 18 months are positive about how beautiful this garland is.

I thought it was quite stunning and did have a variety of Christmas-y items that make it feel like the outdoors have come in. I prefer LED because it uses less energy, and the AA batteries are always plentiful in my household. There is glitter which always does fall off a little bit, but I think it’s worth it to have something look so festive. Plus you can purchase the matching wreath.

5 Best Lighted Garlands to Wind Up a StaircaseMore Info

My final garland is another LED that can go inside or out if you have railings and steps that you want to decorate outside. You can purchase this with clear lights or colored. You can connect multiple garlands to have 100′ of lighted garland. I think that would take care of even Tara for Scarlett O’Hara.

The greens are the usual fake needles that will need to be fluffed. The girth of the wreath is quite large, and you could hang additional items to add in more color.

Which is your favorite?

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